Meet MJC&A Team

Raymond Curtin, President

Ray graduated from Cornell University in 1989, and has had his insurance license since 1990. After Ray’s brother Michael passed away in February of 2012, Ray was asked to take over Michael J. Curtin & Associates and has been the President since March 2012.

Since taking over the firm in 2012, Ray has brought on several new casualty companies, upgraded the claims management system, and hired several new senior claims adjusters. Ray believes that focusing on quality control ultimately gives our clients the best possible service. Trust and loyalty are the keys to maintaining strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We need to provide a great product and service to our clients. We need to handle and close their claims and that’s what we do “We Handle Claims”.

Vickie Wells, Sr. Claims Specialist

Vickie has over 20 years of experience in claims/adjusting in a multi-state environment and has handled claims in all 50 states. Her exceptional customer service skills are evidenced by numerous customer service awards. She is diversified in several types of claims handling such as general liability, personal and business auto, products liability, small business liability claims with a property influence, homeowners, premises/hospitality,
governmental immunity and garage keepers. Her licenses include Texas P&C Adjusters license (Resident), Wyoming, Arizona, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah, Oklahoma, Washington, Minnesota and Florida.

Eileen Moring Senior Claims Specialist

Eileen has 36 years of experience in the insurance adjusting business working for various major insurance companies She has experience in handling auto, general liability and first party property claims. Her experience has included analyzing coverage, field investigation, surveillance, negotiations, and mediations. Eileen has evaluated and settled large loss bodily injury claims. Eileen’s licenses include Texas (Resident), Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Caroline and Washington.

Lisa Lesperance, Sr. Claims Specialist

Lisa has over 20 years of claims experience. She began her insurance career as an adjuster for The Hartford adjusting claims for commercial and personal lines, where she honed her skills in property and casualty insurance claims, investigations, litigation. She has handled both property and bodily injury claims, for both first and third party claims. Lisa held increasingly responsible management positions during her tenure with The Hartford. Lisa is also skilled in reinsurance, coverage analysis, mass tort litigation, and other long-tail claims. Lisa’s licenses include Florida, Connecticut, Texas, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Indiana and Kentucky.

Catherine L. Olen, LPI, BAI, ACA

Catherine Olen possesses 30 years of experience in the insurance industry working as a licensed private investigator and as a licensed independent insurance adjuster concentrating on multi line property, liability and casualty claims. Her expertise includes specializing in insurance defense work, conducting examinations under oath, attending mediations, litigation cases, and SIU suspected fraudulent claims. She has spent her career servicing some of the top insurance carriers, independent adjusting firms and law firms in Massachusetts and Florida. She served as the Lead Investigator for the Liability/SIU Division of Independent Claims Service of Westborough, MA for thirteen years while operating her own business, Investigative Resources of Central MA. She relocated to the Orlando, FL area in 2007. She still holds her private investigator license in Florida. As a licensed insurance adjuster, she joined Michael J. Curtin and Associates in July of 2018. With her vast amount of experience, she also has numerous years of experience in asset checks, skip tracing, and testifying in court as a witness. She is also a notary public in the state of Florida.

Ms. Olen graduated with a Business Administration degree from Newbury College in Boston, MA, and most recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Law and Paralegal Studies, summa cum laude with Kaplan University in 2012.

Jennifer Ghetti – Sr. Claims Adjuster

Jennifer began her insurance carrier in 1995 with SCS & Associates. After obtaining her adjusters license in 2005, she began her adjusting carrier with ISAC. She has experience with both carrier and independent adjusting. She handles all types of claims such as commercial and homeowners general liability, auto bodily injury, property damage and subrogation. Her licenses include Florida, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Nevada, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Matthew Clark, Director of Claims

Matthew has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years and has led a successful career in managing both claims and adjusters. He started his career with Nationwide Insurance and over the years has handled a variety of claims for various insurance carriers, third-party administrators, self-insureds and municipalities. His vast experience includes personal auto, commercial auto, (tractor-trailers, armored trucks, buses, limousines, taxis, police vehicles and fire trucks), general liability, professional liability, property, product defect, heavy equipment and foodborne illness/contamination claims. He spent over a decade heading up Hertz Claim Management, which was responsible for the management of Hertz rental car claims and their heavy equipment division, Hertz Equipment Rental. He has handled claims in every state, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as claims in Canada. He is a graduate from Florida State University.

Nancy Gwaltney – Sr. Claims Specialist

Nancy has over 25 years of experience in claims handling. She is currently licensed in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas. She has investigated and amicably resolved first-party property claims and third-party casualty claims both as a company adjuster and an independent adjuster. This included resolving questions of coverage and liability as well as evaluating bodily injury claims and timely reporting to various companies and municipal entities with recommendations toward liability and proposed settlement. She has extensive experience in auto and premises liability. She has extensive mediation experience having attended mediations through the years as a company adjuster and as an independent adjuster on behalf of various clients. Nancy has worked for USF&G Insurance Company, ISAAC, Gallagher Bassett Services and Totura & Company in Florida. After moving to Georgia, she worked for Totura & Company, Bridgewater Group, Peter J. Crosa, and has been with Michael J. Curtin & Associates now for four years.

Joan Voit – Sr. Claims Specialist

Joan has over 25 years claims experience for both carrier and I/A in the capacity of Casualty adjuster and management. Her career started as an adjuster with Geico at their NE Regional office in Woodbury, New York, for 10 years. Before moving to Tampa, Florida in 1991, she was a BI Claims Specialist for Avis Rent-A- Car System, Inc., in Garden City, New York, handling claims in 17 states. After moving to Florida, she was employed with Totura & Co., as adjuster, Manager and in the Client Relations department. She now works for Michael J. Curtin & Associates as Senior Claims Specialist. She is well rounded in Auto and General Liability claims, handling all levels including litigation. She has over 20 years in representing companies at mediations. Joan holds adjuster licenses in several states. She has completed numerous claim development courses and successfully completed Dale Carnegie-Leadership Training for Managers. She is also a Notary Public for State of Florida.

Richard Saxon – Sr. Claims Specialist

Richard has been in the insurance Industry since 1968. He began his insurance career with John Hancock as an insurance salesman. In 1998, Mike Curtin hired Richard and transitioned him from the sales side to the adjustment side of the business. Rich has been doing mostly casualty work, handling property damage, general liability and bodily injury claims.

Kathleen Coffman, Sr. Claims Specialist

Kathleen has been in the insurance adjusting business for over 20 years. She has experience on all levels of insurance adjusting, including analysing coverage, liability, negotiations for litigated and non-litigated claims, mediations, mentoring lower level claims associates, working with homeowners and personal auto policies, commercial lines, negotiating settlements with attorneys, and working with several major insurance companies which include Universal Underwriters, Zurich-America, Reliance Insurance, Republic Insurance, Sentry and State Farm. Her licenses include Texas (Resident) , Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Montana and Connecticut.

James Daehnke, Sr. Claims Specialist

James has been in the independent insurance adjusting business for over 25 years. He has extensive knowledge and experience in litigation and mediation for all types of casualty and general liability claims, including management liability claims, employment liability claims, and automobile liability claims. He is licensed in several states, and has worked in the Florida insurance market for several years. Some of his past employers include Assurant, United Auto Ins. Co., Gallagher Bassett Services, Glatfelter Claims Management and State Farm Insurance.

Arlin Morales- Executive Assistant

Arlín joined Michael J. Curtin & Associates in 2015. Arlín brings over 35 years of administrative expertise to all projects while assisting the President of the company. Other duties include handling the phones and customer service. She assists the adjusters with copying demands, minimizing and uploading documents as well as preparing letters.

Her past employment prior to joining MJC&A includes residential property management, office management and executive assistance. These previous positions resulted in Arlín gaining excellent managerial and organizational skills with proficiency in Word, Excel and Photoshop.