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Michael J. Curtin

Company Profile – Our Mission
 Since we put our name on our work, our reputation of effective service is the key to our success. We are our clients’ eyes and ears for every claim. We always promote confidence to the insurance industry by resolving claims quickly, reliably and accurately and we do it ahead of schedule. We are the independent adjusters they can trust.

Our Advantages

We recognize that you have a choice when choosing an independent adjusting firm to assist in your claims handling. At Michael J. Curtin & Associates, we are proud to be able to offer our clients a variety of services. Our roster of services allows us to meet the needs of our clients not only in Florida but the continental USA as well. Confidence in our MJC&A team allows our clients to work smarter, not harder.

Our Goal

It is my goal as President of Michael J. Curtin & Associates to preserve my brother’s legacy and become the best independent adjusting firm in the Southeast. I manage the company with one motto in mind: “We need to earn our clients’ business every day. Every day we come to work with the attitude of getting better, more efficient and more accurate in the services we offer. We want to be a valuable asset to our clients.” Ray Curtin, President

Michael J. Curtin & Associates was founded by my brother Mike in 2006. With over 20 years in the claims business, he had the knowledge and experience to start an insurance adjusting firm on his own. He developed the foundation and reputation to make Michael J. Curtin & Associates one of the premier independent adjustment firms not only in the Southeast but nationally. He realized that serving clients in a timely manner while helping to contain costs and maintain accuracy was the formula for success. Clients have come to rely on our senior adjusters to help them investigate and settle their most advanced claims.

Since becoming President of Michael J. Curtin & Associates in 2012, I have worked to enhance our reputation as the independent adjuster you can trust. We want to earn our clients’ business one claim at a time.

  • We no longer charge flat fees for standard service
  • If we can do it cheaper, we will
  • We continue to hire senior adjusters who can quickly investigate and value a claim and get the claim closed quickly
  • As the industry changes, we are ready to adapt
  • We continue working with several appraisal companies to keep down the costs of appraisals

We want our clients to feel that it was a wise decision to assign us a claim, and that we are an extension of their claims department.

Introducing Team MJC&A